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DFG Multisensory view management for Augmented Reality (DFG)
Human factors studies and technique development, view management optimization for narrow field of view displays.
Together with Jens Maiero, Alexander Marquardt, Christina Trepkowski, and David Eibich (BRSU, 2017-2020)
  Steven Feiner (Columbia U.)
Jason Orlosky (Osaka U.)
Kiyoshi Kiyokawa (NAIST)
Ed Swan (MSU)
Simon Julier (UCL)
Johannes Schoening (Bremen U.)
Peter König (Osnabrück U.)
velomobile Augmented Reality flow visualization (MiWF)
Flow data visualization around velomobiles during biking.
Together with Saugata Biswas, Alexander Hagg, Michael Wahlen, Ahmad Drak, and Alexander Asteroth (BRSU, 2015-2019)
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  Simon Julier (UCL)    
MiWF Virtual Reality therapy (MiWF)
Development of exposure therapy systems for agoraphobia and fear of height.
Together with Alexander Marquardt, Christina Trepkowski, Jens Maiero, Florian Wurth, and Andre Hinkenjann (BRSU), as well as cooperating hospitals. 
(2017 - ongoing)
navigation Navigation interfaces (DAAD)
Development of novel techniques and devices for navigation in 3D environments, focus on motion cueing.
Together with Christina Trepkowski, Jens Maiero, Sven Gatermann, and Saugata Biswas (BRSU, 2015-ongoing)
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  Bernhard Riecke (SFU)    
mobile haptics Mobile device haptics
Development of haptic interfaces for mobile devices (tablets, phones).
Together with Jens Maiero and David Eibich (BRSU 2015 - ongoing)
  Wolfgang Stuerzlinger (SFU) 
Hrvoje Benko
multisense Enhancing user engagement through multisensory cues
Human factors studies (including the usage of biosensors) on the effect of different combinations of sensory stimuli on emotional response and arousal. Development of new devices (olfactory displays) and integrated systems.
Together with Alexander Marquardt, Christina Trepkowski  and Jens Maiero (internal project, BRSU, 2014- ongoing)
DFG Perception in wide field of view augmented reality (DFG)
Studies on perception /  view management in wide field of view Augmented Reality devices.
Together with Christina Trepkowski (BRSU, 2014)
  Kiyoshi Kiyokawa (Osaka U.)
Jason Orlosky (Osaka U.)
Naohiro Kishishita (Osaka U.)
glove Audio-tactile guidance
Development of an audio-tactile glove interface to support 3D object selection and manipulation.
Together with Alexander Marquardt, Eduard Assenheimer, Jens Maiero and Andre Hinkenjann (Internal project, BRSU, 2014-2018).
  Wolfgang Stuerzlinger (SFU)    
lf haptics Low frequency audio haptics
Studies on the usage of low-frequency sound for full-body haptic sensations.
Together with Christina Trepkowski (Internal project, BRSU, 2014- ongoing).
  Rob Lindeman (HITLabNZ)    
flexurface Surface haptics
Studies on flexible/elastic surface interfaces.
Together with Saugata Biswas, Christina Trepkowski and Jens Maiero (Internal project, BRSU, 2014)
  Wolfgang Stuerzlinger (SFU)    
air (image courtesy KEBA / PLOT) AIR (FFG)
Mobile systems for connecting to public terminals, systems for the elderly.
Together with Stephanie Deutsch, Martin Lugmayr, Marc Busch, Georg Regal (CURE) and external partners (Austrian project, CURE, 2011-2012)
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hydrosys HYDROSYS (EU FP7)
Augmented Reality mobile sensor platforms for interactive visualization of environmental data, cognitive studies on navigation in dynamic multi-camera systems, perceptual optimization of interactive graphics. 
Together with Eduardo Veas, Erick Mendez, and Raphael Grasset (TU Graz), and external partners (TU Graz, 2008-2011).
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deskotheque Deskotheque (FFG)
Cross-display mouse pointer techniques for multi-display environments. 
Together with Manuela Waldner (TU Graz, 2009-2010).
caleydo Caleydo (FWF/FFG)
Evaluation of gene expression and pathway analysis techniques.
Together with Alex Lex and Marc Streit (TU Graz, 2009).
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vidente Vidente (FWF)
Augmented Reality systems for underground infrastructure inspection.
Together with Gerhard Schall, Erick Mendez, and Eduardo Veas (TU Graz 2007-2008)
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locoball LocoBall
Patented near-seamless display system consisting of dynamically configurable small display devices (PDAs, cell phones).
Together with Daniel Wagner (internal project, TU Graz, 2007-2008).
liverplanner Liverplanner
Development of a hybrid 2D/3D interface for liver operation applications.
Together with Alexander Bornik (TU Graz 2006)
Distributed 3D system interfaces for cultural heritage exchange, multi-user interfaces, novel sensor platforms and consoles, and front-ends for interactive storytelling applications.
Together with Stefan Conrad and Sergey Matveyev (Fraunhofer), and external partners (Fraunhofer IMK, 2002-2005). 
3D system for design review in the machinery, ship and aircraft industry, hybrid interface techniques, including of a pen-device applying sensory substitution.
Together with Stefan Conrad, Igor Nikitin, and Kai Riege (Fraunhofer), and external partners (Fraunhofer IMK, 2001-2004).
audiohaptics AudioHaptics
Multi-user haptic feedback system using low frequency sound (continued at BRSU in 2014).
Together with Aeldrik Pander (internal project, Fraunhofer IMK, 2005).  
ofuturo OfuturO
Office of the future installation, multi-user interaction at a multi-display environment.
Together with Gernold Heissenberg (internal project, Fraunhofer IMK, 2004)
cubicmouse CubicMouse
Experiments with a spatial input device interface.
Together with Bernd Froehlich, Hartmut Seichter, and Jakob Beetz (internal project, Fraunhofer IMK, 1999-2000).
Development of Virtual Reality conceptual design tools, navigation/wayfinding studies.
Together with Holger Regenbrecht, Hartmut Seichter, Jakob Beetz, and Stefan Hansen (internal project, Bauhaus-Uni Weimar, 1998-2001).
Collaborative design methods for architects.
(Bauhaus-Uni Weimar, 1998-1999)
Collaborative design using groupware systems and conceptual design tools in so called Virtual Design Studios. Organization of, and collaboration via the Virtual environment Design Studio 2001 with Hong Kong University (VeDS2001) and Virtual Design Studio 1998 (VDS’98).
Together with Jakob Beetz, Hartmut Seichter, and Florian Goersdorf (Bauhaus-Uni Weimar, 1998-2001)
  Marc Aurel Schnabel (Hong Kong U.) Urs Hirschberg (ETHZ)    
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